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Woodland Park Builder, Colorado Springs Builder, Black Forest Builder, Custom Home design.

Karrie Stimits

owner of Woodland Designs Inc.

Karrie Stimits may be the most well-rounded and well-versed interior designer you will ever meet! Her 14 years of experience go way beyond that of just interior planning and design. Karrie has a wide knowledge base in most things construction due to her past work experiences. From doors and windows to siding and cabinetry, Karrie has done it, and she has done it as well as anyone!

Karrie has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design which she used to launch her interior design company Woodland Designs, Inc.  Karrie has also been a design partner with Aspen Kitchens, Inc. since 2011 where along side her own company, she has created simply breathtaking spaces for her always impressed clients.  Karrie currently lives in Woodland Park, Colorado with her husband, Brian, who is a local fire captain and her two children, Kayla and Wyatt. Some of Karrie's other passions are camping, jeeping and spending time with her wonderful family. 

Woodland Park Interior Designer, Colorado Springs Interior Designer, Black Forest Interior Designer

To see some of Karrie's work please visit or just click on here company banner.

Crosswood Homes is honored to be partnered with the very talented Karrie Stimit’s and Woodland Designs, Inc.

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