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Working with Crosswood Homes gives you the advantages of working with a custom home builder without the headaches typically associated with building a custom home.  We have developed a process which eliminates most of the “middle-men” that would commonly be involved in designing, planning, and building custom homes. This simplified system helps to eliminate errors, confusion and frustration, while at the same time helping your money go further.

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You will find yourself surrounded by honest, knowledgeable and gifted individuals that have your best interest at heart and will be available to you throughout the entire building process.


No more dealing with dozens of different people, driving all over the state looking for materials just so you can discover that you have gone over budget!


No more needing to explain your wants to the architect, then again the builder, then again your interior designer, then again a random sales associate and on and on...


When working with Crosswood Homes you will experience a smoother approach to designing, planning, and construction since you will only need to communicate your wishes to only one of two people on a regular basis. That’s right, only TWO!


Matt Cockroft (founder of Crosswood homes)

Matt will be your guide through the process of architectural planning, site planning, building materials, and the construction of your new home.


Karrie Stimits (founder of Woodland Designs)

Karrie will be your guide for all things interiors, such as finish materials, colors, cabinet design, and interior design.  Karrie is also available to be your personal decorator once your home is complete!

You will find this simplified process less stressful and much more enjoyable as you venture through the journey of having a custom home designed and built around you!

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From the initial planning stages to the day you move into your new home, we will make sure you are well informed of what is going to happen, what is happening now, and what is needed of you.


Well informed clients make better decisions regarding their new home and enjoy the process much more so than if they were left in the dark!


We understand that making some of the critical decisions regarding your new home can be challenging and may take some time. Therefore we keep you informed during the planning and building phases, giving you plenty of time to think about your choices, and offering our professional guidance along the way.



With our team having a wide knowledge base in aspects such as design, materials, and construction, you will often find your questions answered quickly and more importantly, answered correctly. And if we do not know the answer, we will find it for you!



We strive to display honesty and transparency to our clients in everything we do.


We will not hide things from clients such as additional fees or poor quality. These have become a common practice among many of today’s contractors and home builders, and we at Crosswood Homes want to break that trend and offer a refreshingly honest approach to home building.


We will give you honest and fair estimates. No “low-balling” our bids just so we get your job, and then you find out when it’s too late that you will be way over budget!


Your contract with Crosswood Homes will be clear and easy to understand.  Descriptions of services, materials, and fees will all be laid out for you early on so that you have time to review them, ask questions, and feel comfortable with us before we ever start any work.


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