Join the Crosswood Homes Team!

We are currently looking for new Craftsmen to join our select team of carpenters as we grow and quickly become the premier custom home builder of Teller county!  If you think you have what it takes please read below and contact us as this position will not last long!

What we are looking for

Skill set:

Rough and Finish carpenters with the willingness to help in other areas of construction when needed.

Years of Experience:

Minmum 2 years of working as a carpenter, finish or rough.  Having photos of some of your work is also a plus!

Work locations:

Teller county, including Woodland Park, Divide and Florissant. *We work outside and inside in all types of weather including working outside in winter weather!

30-40 hours on average per week


Hourly rate based on experience, skill and efficiency.

SubContractor: (1099)

We do not currently offer emplyee positions so you will need to have a trade name and cary your own general liability insurance. we can help you with that if you do not currently have that.

Room for growth:

If you are a good fit with us and work hard we look forward to a long working relationship with you including the possiblily of foreman and management opportunities!

Timberframe Custom Construction by Cross
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a different kind of Builder

Founded by owner Matt Cockroft in 2014 Crosswood Homes was created to be a company that offeres clients a unique building experience by providing both Architectural and Building services on all our custom homes and doing so in a way of the highest quality and professionism!


A major part of us achieveing this is that we will only partner with those that can relate, appreciate and follow our company principles:



Pride of work

a different kind of Jobsite

At a Crosswood Homes jobsite we want to encourage eachother, help one another out, and respect eachother. Other ways a Crosswood Homes site is different is we ask for everyone that there music and language is respectful to all others, meaning little to no profanity! There is no drinking or drugs at any time and working safely will always trump working quickly!

If you were to join our team you would be welcomed into more than a company, but a closely knit group of craftsmen that work hard, play hard, and all enjoy the oportunity to build homes in this beautiful place!

Interested in Joining the Crosswood Homes Team?
Please fill out all fields below and we will be in contact with you soon!
We require the following of all applicants to be considered:
No drug users, Including marijuana
Highschool diploma or GED
Lives locally or can commute to Teller county on a daily basis
Has 4x4 or similar vehicle or will aquire one
Has or is willing to set up a trade name and GL insurance
Understand the Crosswood Homes does not provide health insurance.
Has a friendly personality, works well with others, and is a person of good and honest character.
Thank you!

Thank you so much for your interest in working with Crosswood Homes. We may contact you with questions or to set up an in person meeting!

God Bless