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Our mission at Crosswood Homes is to design and construct stunningly sound and beautiful homes in the majestic Colorado landscape in which we feel blessed to live.

Our Mission

Doing this all through an informative and honest process that is enjoyable for everyone involved is our ultimate goal.

Our Principles


The relationship between client and builder should be one of trust and understanding.  We feel that honesty is the single most important thing needed in maintaining this critical relationship.  We will be honest and upfront with you throughout the entire planning, contracting and building process and ask that you do the same with us.


We hold ourselves and all of our trade professionals to a higher standard of conduct than most.  We expect everyone who works for Crosswood Homes to treat you and your property with the utmost respect. We also feel that a mutual respect between clients, trade professionals, and Crosswood employees will go a long way in achieving a positive and productive work environment.

pride of work

We feel that taking pride in your work is a lost quality among many in the local home building industry, with too many taking more pride in efficiency rather than in the quality of their work.  We’ve all heard that time is money and that productivity is the best way to rate success. On the other hand, we feel that sacrificing quality and craftsmanship to achieve more productivity is unacceptable and in the long run costs everyone more money and frustration.  So basically, “Do it right or don’t do it at all”!

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