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Matt Cockroft

Owner of Crosswood Homes, Inc.

Former President of the Teller County Home Builders Assocation

Former Chairmen of the board of Church on the Ranch

Liscenced residential contractor, excavator and septic installer.

Since 2014 Matt Cockroft has quickly made a name for himself in Teller county as one of the very best when it comes to Custom Home design and Building! The homes that Matt creates stand out above the rest, Their bold style and attention to detail are second to none!  More importantly Matt is most proud of the relationships He builds with His Clients, Carpenters and Contractors! While it is important for Matt to grow Crosswood Homes into the best Custom home building firm, it is more important that it is done in the right way. And that way is by always treating others with honesty, kindness and respect, helping others, and Honoring God in all He does!

Matt's desire to design and build has been a deep passion of his since he was very young. It was in his highschool drafting and woodworking classes that he found his calling in architecture and home building. In the year 2000 Matt was named industrial technology Student of the Year. He went on to study environmental design with an architectural emphasis at the University of Colorado where he maintained a grade A through all of his architectural, drafting, and design courses for all 4 years.



In 2003, Matt began work as a interior architect, kitchen designer and remodeler which he continued to do for over 11 years in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. During that time, Matt designed hundreds of interior spaces and managed the construction of remodels from mid-level to high-end homes with stunning results.  During this same period of time, Matt was also involved in purchasing and fully renovating properties in the Colorado Springs area with great success.



While remodels and renovations were certainly rewarding, Matt's desire and passion for home building had not been exercised until he purchased land in Woodland Park in 2007 and began the construction of a custom mountain home. 18 months later the home was successfully completed with only foundation, roofing, and drywall being outsourced by others. His determination to build a beautifully sound home with his own two hands, and to do it better than most home builders, paid off. The results are a beautiful mountain craftsman style retreat where he currently lives with his wife, Sandie, and their son, Westin.


After his completed personal home, Matt's plans to begin his career as a custom home designer and builder were put on hold when he decided to team up with a friend to create, launch and manage Aspen Kitchens, Inc. One of Colorado Springs premiere kitchen and bath design/remodel firms. Several years and many happy clients later, Matt's passion for becoming a first class custom home builder only grew. With his work done at Aspen Kitchens, Matt pursued his dream, his passion, and he launched Crosswood Homes, Inc in 2014. Since then, Crosswood Homes has gone on to become a leading name in Custom Home building in the Woodland Park area and Matt continues to build a name for himself as a man of character, man of God, and someone who strives for excellence!!


Some of Matt's other joys include: Graphic design, Jeeping, Hunting, Golf, Playing gospel music on his banjo and pretty much anything that allows him to get out and enjoy the beauty of God's creation!

Matt Currently lives in a custom home he built in 2007 with his wife Sandie, son Westin and daughter Kaylee!


Lastly, Matt would like to share a verse that has inspired him his entire life and that he strives to live by "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will guide your path." Proverbs 3:5-6

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