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Why Crosswood Homes?

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Striving to be the best!​

We are dedicated to going above and beyond to prove that we are the best custom home builder in the area! Because of this determination, we will give you and your home more time and attention compared to other home builders in where you are just "another job."  We will only take on select jobs in limited numbers so that we can insure that each and every client and their new home gets the attention it deserves.

Made in America

We love this country and feel incredibly blessed to be living in it. We also respect its founding, its principles and its laws, therfore we will honor our country by only hiring those who have entered into it legally.

Zero Tolerance

All of our sub contractors will abide by a set of guidlines which prohibit drinking, drug use, neglect or disrespect to you or your property of any kind.  They must hold themselves, their work, and what they do outside of the jobsite to a high standard if they are to work for Crosswood Homes.

Where we Stand

Behind our Work: We expect a high level of quality and performance from ourselves and our trade professionals and we will monitor our workers closer than most builders to ensure that is achieved.  Don't be surprised if you find your builder Matt Cockroft personally working on your home from time to time as he is skilled and passionate about many of the aspects of building. This also gives him quality job site time to ensure things are being done to his standards.


On our Principles: In effort to ensure a positive and productive home building experience for everyone involved, we lean heavily on our principles of Honesty, Respect, and Pride of Work.


With our Faith: Only by God's Grace have we been blessed with the talents, abilities, and opportunities to create beautiful homes for wonderful people of all backgrounds.  For this we are thankful and will show that appreciation by utilizing those talents and being the best we can possibly be!

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