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Vacation Homes & Out of State Clients

"We live in Texas and building out of state can be an intimidating and scary process. Matt quickly put our minds at ease and we felt completely confident that Crosswood Homes would give us a great home, from design to completion, and that he would be with us every step of the way. "
We are here for you every step of the way!

land: We can work hand in hand with your realtor or one of ours in helping your find the perfect lot to build your dream vacation home on.  We can email you pictures and videos of the potential properties and give you our feedback on what we think of the land so that you can better narrow your options before your visit.

design: Your home builder is also your Architect at Crosswood Homes Inc. as we can develop with you the perfect design to fit all of your wants and needs while communicating design ideas via the internet. You will receive beautiful design drawings throughout this process that will truly help you visualize your new home and when the design is where you want it, we will then produce the bidding and construction documents.

financing: We are willing and happy to work with any lender  you feel most comfortable with for the construction loan. We can also give you a list of local lenders that offer construction Loans.

construction: You will see your new home come to life from the comfort of your couch as we will send you updates and photos of your homes progress and keep you as involved as you wish to be.  We can even set up your own webpage on this site to show all of your family and friends your new home and it's progress! And all of this at no cost to you!

interior: partnered with the best interior designer in Woodland Park, we will help you with everything interior, form kitchen and bath design, to all finish materials and planning. We can email you design ideas as well as have special local design meetings for the days that you can come out and visit.  We are aware your time may be limited when you visit, that is why we devote quality time to you when you are here so that you can accomplish as much as possible with each trip you make!

value: We want to offer the best value to our clients possible; therefore we include your personal Interior designer as well as 40 hours of architectural design time at no extra charge on all homes we build!

Trust: When having a home built remotely, a team of people you can trust is the single most important thing you can have.  We strive to earn and keep your trust from day one as we work hard for you, on your behalf, and in your best interest!

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